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How it all started.Edit

When the skill construction was released a runescape player named cursed you had a house party since he was the first to achieve 99 construction.

Cursed you pvp on in his house, when he expelled all the guest, the famous player Durial321 found out that the pvp glitch still went on outside of Cursed you's house. So he decided that he wanted to go on a killing spree so he went to falador and started killing random everyone he saw using ancient magics.

after the killing.Edit

In the end in about 1 hour Durial321 was disconnected from the server.

lots and lots of valuable items were lost that day and they were never returned sadly.

Durial321 was banned forever and all the stuff with it.

rumor says that he gave the rare items like the green party hat he got to his friend who is believed to also later get banned.

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